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Systems expertise

ROV/AUV controls hardware
Brushless DC motor control
AC-DC and DC-DC power supply
Li-ion battery management
Ethernet and fiber optics

White papers

Pressure-tolerant electronics
Nic Bingham with Deepsea Challenger

Unmanned Underwater Technology

Specialist in control systems, electronics, lighting, and propulsion for autonomous and remotely-operated underwater vehicles.

Advance your project by harnessing years of underwater design and consultancy experience with a proven record of successful deployments. Past projects have supported oceanographic research and exploration with a range of pressure-tolerant electronic systems deployed to the deepest parts of the world ocean.

The ability to produce complete prototypes in-house has reduced development times, as well as important benefits for commercially sensitive applications. As an experienced IP manager with extensive domain knowledge, and the inventor and author of several Australian and US patents, I can also help you identify and protect novel aspects of your design.

Nic Bingham
R&D Engineering Manager
Unmanned Underwater Technology

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